Hi! We're mdTECH

After quite a few years of working in our corporate jobs, we wanted the option to work on the kind of projects that we enjoy the most: websites! While challenging, our day jobs weren't always enjoyable. So when we got a call from a college friend who was looking for someone to build a website for a client of his, we jumped at the chance. That was back in 2012 and in the time since, mdTECH was born and has grown into a much more enjoyable way for us spend our time.

Why are we taking up space on the web to tell you how happy we are running our tech services company? Because we think that when you enjoy what you do, you work harder at it, you do a better job and in the long run you're going to be happier doing it. We enjoy the application of computers to business. Let us bring a little happiness into your office.


We provide web development, application integration, business process automation, mobile application development, expert advice / answers and much, much more.

Web Application Development

Whether a simple landing page to tell the world about how awesome you are or a full-size line of business web application, mdTECH has you covered.

Application Integration

Do you have data in two systems that don't talk to each other? Would your life be a lot easier if they did? Bring us in, we'll start the conversation.

Business Process Automation

Do you have a manual process prone to human error that you just know would be better done by a computer? Let mdTECH automate it for you!

Mobile Application Development

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app? Would your employees benefit from having access to company data while on the move? Let mdTECH build a mobile app to take your business beyond your brick and mortar.

Expert Advice / Answers

Have you ever found yourself calling that really smart nephew of yours for IT advice? Let mdTECH be your IT expert! We're a phone call away when you need us, and we won't take up space in your office eating Cheetos and talking about Star Wars when you don't.


Here's a look at some of the work that we've done.


We'd love to hear about your next project, send a message let's see what we can do together!